About Us

SOUL PARKING is paving the way to tech-driven simplicity that fights Indonesia’s traffic and illegal parking problems. We exist to provide a variety of solutions to serve parking and mobility needs of today’s generation. While utilizing advanced parking technology and operating software developed by our team, Soul Parking is striving to bridge the demand of users with the available parking assets in a whole integrated parking ecosystem.

Meet Our Team

Highly Dedicated and Passionate Management Team

Andru Wijaya Jo, B. CSE

Chief Business Officer

Unggul Depirianto, B. Eng, M.Sc.

Chief Technology Officer

Company's core values represented by S.O.U.L


When developing our systems and products, it is key to develop something that is user-friendly. Simplicity will result in the speed of execution, thereby providing a simple solution for everyone


as our team continuous to grow, we understand the importance of communication, be it up and to down or cross divisions, to encourage an environment of honest and open communication and to challenge the status quo


Our partners are an integral part of the team. Together, we can create the synergy to achieve something bigger


As we grow, it is crucial to remember that everyday is a learning process and to learn the culture of grit, to encourage each and everyone of us to put our best efforts in a way inspires others to do the same

Use cases for building management

Discover how Soul Parking system helps you achieve all your parking goals

Compact Motorcycle Storage

Boost parking capacity, automate processes, and improve security

Operating System

Seamless experience, ensures transparency

Handheld Mobile

Easy to use, and investment that is more budget-friendly

Access Control

Ensuring security, optimizing space utilization

Our Clients

The most effective developments use Soul Parking

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The most effective developments use soul parking